James Adelbert Jarboe Family Photos

jarboe_small.JPG (1536 bytes)James Adelbert Jarboe and Gertrude Lee Bell family.

Their Children:

Charles Francis Kelly and Bernadette Jarboe

Bernadette and Charley Wedding

William Otis Buckman and Frances Genevieve Jarboe

otisfrnc_small.JPG (1987 bytes)

Anna Lou Jarboe and Harry E. Jones

Anna Lou and Harry Wedding

Larry Carlson and Mary Rosalie Jarboe

Rosalie and Larry Wedding

Della Gertrude Jarboe and Barney Carl Ream

Barney and Della Wedding

Lillian Magdalene Jarboe and Orville Matthew Hagan

lil_orville_wedding_small.JPG (2315 bytes)

Mildred Kathleen Jarboe and Gerald Martin Montgomery

Kathleen_wedding_small.JPG (2153 bytes)

Clifford Robert Gander and Alice Josephine Jarboe

Oct131937_small.JPG (2427 bytes)

Their Grandchildren:

veronica_small.jpg (2023 bytes)Veronica Buckman White Gander

jimjeann_small.jpg (1866 bytes)Jim and Jeanne Tipton Buckman

42bucks_small.jpg (1978 bytes)Guy Buckman

janeparkerwed_small.jpg (2921 bytes)Parker and Jane Buckman Hightower

madge_sitting_small.JPG (2395 bytes)Madge Buckman March Riley

Don__Liz_Wedding__Dec._271958_small.jpg (2985 bytes)Don and Elizabeth Ketsenburg Gander

Paul and Anne Yates Gander

HOPE_JOE_small.JPG (2926 bytes)Joe and Hope Gander Goodwin

alicewed_small.jpg (2298 bytes)Joel Dobson and Alice Gander

Using the photo album:

The albums are broken down into family groups.  Additional family groups will be added as photos are available.  Each separate page has a table with thumbnail sized examples of the actual picture. 

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