Photo Albums

Yearly Photo Album: Take a look at events from 1999 to present.

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Outdoor Sports:

LAURADR_small.JPG (3065 bytes)Laura Diane Buckman
McElroy, November, 1979.

Send photos of your latest outdoor events for inclusion here.


James Adelbert Jarboe and Gertrude Lee Bell family.

jarboe_small.JPG (1536 bytes)All of the photo albums of their children and grandchildren.


Land and Places:

Cliff_farm2_small.JPG (1883 bytes)A collection of photos of farms and places that are part of the family.


February Dinners  A collection of photographs from family "February Dinner" birthday parties in the past, especially the 1960s. Cousin Fun:  A variety of photos of cousins together.

All of the photo albums below are maintained at


4gens_lasley_small.JPG (1626 bytes)Jarboe / Worland family ancestors and siblings.



Bell / Saunders family ancestors and siblings



Cemetery photos of ancestors tombstones.



Using the photo album:

The albums are broken down into family groups.  Additional family groups will be added as photos are available.  Each separate page has a table with thumbnail sized examples of the actual picture. 

If you have any great pictures of ancestors or descendents that you can scan in and send for inclusion in this page please send them by e:mail to .   For best results, small photos should be scanned at 200% of size or more to give a nice view.   If you don't have a means to send scanned photos, you can send an e:mail to the same location to arrange other options.